HI, WE ARE M+ SOFTWARE Our solutions thoughtfully designed for your business.

We are a company that make digital solutions, we believe things can always get better and simpler, we based in 3 continents, we embrace our diversity, we believe in people, their idea, their creativity, their stories. These are things we live and breathe, and love.

Your Long Term Partner for Enterprise Applications

M+ Software is an international software development company founded in Melbourne at 2004. With more than 14 years of experience, M+ Software provides the best functional and technical solutions for your company. Our unique approach to working with clients will completely change your vision of an offshore software development company. Our technical skills and experiences, industry knowledge in the field of software development and process flexibility enable us to supply our clients with the best solutions, which help strengthen their business and contribute to their success.

From ERP to Mobile Apps

M+ Software has a wealth of experience providing customers worldwide with consulting and implementation services ranging from ERP/Odoo, to custom business solutions (enterprise software, mobile app, websites), outsourcing of developments, and vertical solutions. Using the SCRUM methodology, we are working on all project sizes.

From 10 man days to 600 man days projects, our priority is to implement a successful project for you in terms of quality, timeframe and cost.

Dedicated Development Team

We are specialized in providing services to the most demanding clients and developing qualitative business applications and software products.

We do our best to understand our clients' current needs and even foresee their tomorrow wants.

Being effective listeners and hard workers, we offer efficient solutions that promote long-term and beneficial partnerships with clients.

Meet the Team

M+ Software is home to incredibly talented Software Engineers, Project Managers, DevOps, Web Designers, Business Analysts, Quality Assurance, and employees who have dedicated their lives to helping you achieve your goals in digital transformation.


Head of Security - FR

Fierce Head of security in Mplus, Blue is always chasing thefts and hackers. Croquettes are their only hope.

Nola Yolanda Romana

Business Development Manager - FR

Nola loves drinking as much as she loves selling. Was hard for us to deliver on this app that should charge your phone without charger


Sales & Marketing - FR

Guillaume is a sales and marketing expert, with extensive experience in the ERP and Insurance industries.


Branch Manager - FR

Julien came to Indonesia to make fortune. He failed miserably. Fried rice and beautiful women made him stay.

Hendrik Widjaja

Technical Director - FR

Famous for being the first Indonesian to hack both the FBI and the CIA, Hendrik is now working for us remotely from Cuba (Guantanamo is a cool village name ).

Raphael Alla

CEO & Founder - FR

Decendant of a Viking familly, Raphael wanted to conquere Australia with his boat. A lack of Visa quickly brough him on the first plane for France with a 5000$ fine

Our Location

Based on 3 continents helps us foster creativity, breadth of experience, and personal growth among our team, and it's essential to our success as an organization to able to empathize the needs from our clients

Melbourne (Australia)

FR – Founded in Melbourne in 2004 by Raphael Alla, the Melbourne office is part of Mplus DNA and the base of our Australian strategic market. The team is composed of M+ Software CEO, a sales and project management team.

3 Albert Coates Lane Melbourne VIC 3000 Australia

+62 758 10095

Neumea (France)

FR – Because future will be in asia, M+ Software is located in South Jakarta since 2006. With more than 20 programmers and sales team, Jakarta is a strategic place for our development.

17 rue Anatole France Immeuble Le Central 2 Centre Ville Nouméa

+687 27 82 83

Jakarta (Indonesia)

FR – Because future will be in asia, M+ Software is located in South Jakarta since 2006. With more than 20 programmers and sales team, Jakarta is a strategic place for our development.

Tamarin, Jl. Asem II, Cipete, Jakarta Selatan Indonesia

+62 758 10095